Practicing Areas - Among the wide areas of the law that we give;

"Passion" is not a word used to describe many law attorneys. However, it is passion – for the law, that assures my clients, quality service, creative thinking and practical solutions – that permeates Abdella Ali's culture and distinguishes all of my work. It is the driving force behind our confidence in successfully resolving my clients' matters, and it has fueled my connection to the people, businesses and communities I serve. As a result, I am leading in each of our practice areas and have earned a reputation as one of the premier "go-to" law attorneys in this Ethiopia.

We do everything possible to make our clients feel reassured that we are there for them. Communication is the key. We consistently keep our clients informed and updated, and we spend a lot of time learning about them, their goals and their needs. It's a one-on-one, very personal approach that isn't typical of many client-attorney relationships. But we don't believe there should be a boilerplate process to working with our clients and solving their legal issues.

Abdella Ali strives to be an extremely well-balanced law attorney, providing a broad range of services to meet the business and personal needs of an even broader range of clients. his focus on a team approach and our flexible, dynamic organizational structure offers his clients the benefit of our full range of legal resources.

That single-minded focus on my clients as person is what allows me to build strong, trustworthy and lasting relationships with them. I am hard-working lawyer who deliver the goods. But more importantly, I treat my clients as real people who deservemy time, attention, and respect. That's what sets me apart.

So how can we help you today?

01. Contracts Law

Abdella Ali law attorney helps businesses and individuals outline, evaluate or negotiate all types of contracts. All business contracts, explicit and implicit, should be reviewed by an attorney and updated on a regular basis.

02. Trade and Business Law

Businesses need lawyers who know business, not just the letter of the law. This means engaging a law attorney that can advise and counsel businesses to successful results.

03. Insurance and Banking Law

Abdella Ali law attorney consultants and works as Insurance and Banking Law Business Law attorney Practice. Banking & Finance; Business. Business Formation; ... Your insurance law attorney is highly skilled in navigating difficult policies and complex claims.

04. Investment Law

Abdella Ali law attorney works as investment attorney serving clients in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, and nationally in a broad range of securities law and investment law cases. Each security attorney with the firm is dedicated to fighting for the rights of our clients.

05. Company law

To meet the expectations of our clients and within the context of Company Law, we identify and put in place the best legal structures possible (subsidiary, branch, representation office, etc.), based on the requirements and main areas of business of our clients.

06. Property Law

With years of experience navigating the property market in both upswings and downturns, understands the intricacies of this multifaceted area of law. Abdella Ali law attorney combines his knowledge of real estate, business, finance, tax and land use to develop practical solutions to each real estate opportunity or challenge.

Legal Advisor and Attorney for the following Organizations on Retention basis

  1. Addis General Hospital
  2. G. Global Gas &Chemical P.L.C
  3. Al - Bedey C.M.R. P.L.C
  4. Glorious P.L.C.
  5. Astco P.L.C
  6. Petram P.L.C.
  7. Ahadu P.L.C
  8. Rani Industrial Co.Ltd
  9. Analaya B.P.L.C
  10. Saudi star Agricultural Development P.L.C
  11. El-Sewedy Ethiopia Cables P.L.C
  12. Sasco Industrial, Trade& Transport Enterprise
  13. Excel Commerce P.L.C.
  14. Siket P.L.C.
  15. Emnete –Endeshaw Construction
  16. Wei Guo Ning P.L. C.
  17. Ethio - Ceramics P.L.C.
  18. Yang fan Motors P.l.C
  19. Export Trading Co.Ltd

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