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About Abdella Ali Law Attorney- take a look

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name :- Abdella Ali Bin Ali

Date of Birth :- 12 March 1962

Nationality :- Ethiopian

Martial Status :- Married (2 Children)

Address :- Kelifa Business Center, 9th Floor, Office No. 904

Telephone :- 0911- 20 41 63, 011-157 -9757 (Off.), 011-156 -2192(Res)

Fax :- 011-157 -9755

P.O.Box :- 50268

Educational Background

1967-1973 :- Academic Studies, Assela Elementary School

1973-1980 :- Technical Education, Assela Comprehensive Secondary School, Diploma.

1980-1985 :- Addis Ababa University, Faculty of Law, LL.B Degree.

Other Areas of Training

02/17/92-02/21/92:- Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Seminary Course, Organized by Ethiopian Red Cross Society and others, Addis Ababa, Certificate.

03/30/92-05/08/92:- Advanced International Program on Human Rights, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund University, Sweden, and Diploma.

08/19/96-09/06/96:- Training of Trainer's Course for Training of Regional Judiciaries, Addis Ababa, Certificate of Training.

11/12/98-12/03/98:- Participated in the International Visitors Program of the United States Information Agency "U.S. Judicial System", Certificate.

07/09/00-10/04/00:- International Human Rights Law Summer Programmed 2000, University of Oxford and The George Washington University, Oxford, Certificate.

Work Experience

01/03/85-9/24/87:- With the title of Prosecutor, Assistant to the High Court judges of Addis Ababa.

09/25/87-03/09/89:- Judge, Labor Division High Court of Addis Ababa.

03/20/89-02/07/90:- Judge, First (Commercial) division, High Court of Addis Ababa

06/25//86-12/05/89:- Member of Ethiopia's Economic (Commercial Code) and Social Laws Revising Committee.

02/08/09-09/03/91:- Retaining the title of High Court Judge, Expert at the Educational and Legal Dissemination Department of the Ministry of Justice.

10/1990-05/28/91:- Member of Ethiopia's Maritime Code Revising Technical Committee.

09/01/91-11/02/91:- Special Assistant to the Minster of Justice and also member of Ethiopian Social Policy Drafting Task force.

11/03/91-04/18/96:- Judge at the following divisions of the Central Supreme Court:-

- Labor Division (12/08/92-09/27/94)
- Civil Division (09/28/94-10/02/95) and
- Cassation Division (10/03/95-04/18/96)

04/19/96-04/06/97:- Legal Advisor, Ethiopia Amalgamated Limited (Private Limited Company).

09/22/96-07/07/98:- Lecturer, Unity College.

12/01/96-02/30/98:- Trainer of Regional Court Judges sponsored by USAID.

10/12/97-02/10/99:- Rendering representation and advocacy service for Peace Corps/Ethiopia,

Since 04/07/97:- Attorney and Consultant at Law.

Papers and Research

"Transaction Taxes under Ethiopian Law- Case Oriented Analysis" a paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of LL.B Degree 1985, Faculty of Law, Addis Ababa University.

"Cheque and Limitation of Action under Ethiopian Law" (In Amharic), a paper submitted for publication in Journal of Ethiopian Supreme Court.

"Law and the Status of Woman in Ethiopia" (In Amharic) a paper presented on a symposium under the title on "Women in Management and Responsibilities" March 07/1991, Addis Ababa.

"Formation of Business Organization" (In Amharic), a paper presented to business community at the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce, 1995.

"Alternative (out Court) Business Dispute Resolution)" (a paper prepared both in Amharic and English) the Amharic version is published in "Nigdna Limat/Trade and Development" a bilingual monthly newspaper of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce Vol. No.7, October and November 1995. The same paper is presented to Business Community of Addis Ababa 03 July 1997 at the Hilton Hotel.

"The Federal Courts Advocates' Code of Conducts" (in Amharic), a paper presented on a Seminar prepared by the Ethiopian Bar Association, 27 January 2001.

"Working Relations between Judges and Attorneys" (in Amharic), a paper presented on a Seminar prepared by the Ethiopian Bar Association, 3 May 2003.

Consolidated Index of Proclamations and Regulations Published on the Federal Negarit Gazeta from August 1995 to August 2004, a book published both in English & Amharic.

Reference Person

Mr. Kemal Bedri, Former President of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia .

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