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Who we are - take a look

Abdella Ali gives a variety of legal services to individuals and organization who are in need. With years of experience representing individuals and corporations in Ethiopia, he fights to ensure that your rights are protected and that your case results in a successful disposition. Abdella Ali approaches each case utilizing all his experience, tenacity and innovation. He thinks outside the box to formulate a unique plan for reaching the outcome you need.

Meet the team

Lance Dorgan

Abdella Ali

Founder / Owner

Jane Doe

Bruk Ayalew

Excutive officer


Abdella Ali


Practicing Areas

Among the wide areas of the law that we give, we have long time experience in;

Contracts Law

Trade and Business Law

Insurance and Banking Law

Investment Law

Company law

Conveyance & Property Law

Abdella Ali Law attorney is dedicated to work tirelessly to provide legal services for companies and individuals in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Yes We Care

Abdella Ali takes great care to provide his clients with personal attention and to keep them apprised of every aspect of their case. His clients are informed of each step of the legal process and kept up-to-date on the status of their case. He presents clients with all options available in a clear, easy to understand manner so that they can make informed decisions on how their case should proceed.

We are driven

We do everything possible to make our clients feel reassured that we are there for them. Communication is the key. We consistently keep our clients informed and updated, and we spend a lot of time learning about them, their goals and their needs. It's a one-on-one, very personal approach that isn't typical of many client-attorney relationships. But we don't believe there should be a boilerplate process to working with our clients and solving their legal issues.

How we deliver

What truly sets us apart from other attorneys is, however, is how we view our relationships with clients. Abdella Ali Law attorney, is dedicated to serving and supporting the client relationship infuses and underlines everything he does. He never forgets that his clients, just like him, are real people facing real-world challenges and opportunities.

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